Dog Obedience Training, Just a Click Away!

Burloak Animal Hospital recommends Clicker Buddies Dog Training by Kandis Hall. Dog training offers a unique opportunity to bond with your dog while teaching him or her tools to be a well behaved, happy, and safe addition to your family.

Dog Training Philosophy

Photo Clicker Buddies

Clicker Buddies offers options to best suit your pet. With the help of a clicker during learning stages, you are able to pin point wanted behaviours percisely, leading to improved communication between you and your pet.

Courses Available

We offer a variety of course options to best suit you and your pet, ranging from group sessions to private lessons. Contact us for a complete list of current course openings or to book a private lesson. Our most popular courses include:

Puppy Honour Roll

Give your puppy a head start in a controlled, positive environment. This informative lesson is designed to help you prepare for your puppy to come home, set up to succeed in your training, and socialize with trusted dog. Building confidence is a key part of making sure your puppy is a happy, well-adjusted member of your family. Learn the basics of house training, clicker training, and how to shape behaviour in a lasting way. Puppy obstacle courses, behaviour lesson, crate training, and clicker basics are all included.

Instructor Snapshot

Kandis Hall has been training dogs for more than 10 years and has more than 22 years of experience working in animal care. She has completed multiple animal behaviour seminars and is a member of the following organizations:

Take a peak at some of our dog traing photos with Kandis Hall.

Canine Student Snapshot

In addition to her extensive experience in instructing dog training classes, Kandis enjoys spending time in the dog sport world with her current dogs Buddy, Flirt and Odessa. She has competed and trained in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Draft Dog, Canine Freestyle, Heal work to music, and Treibball. She has received many awards, placement ribbons, high in class and trial and top obedience in Canada. Her dogs have achieved Canadian Obedience Champion, World Canine Freestyle Champion in her division for 2009, and many placements and perfect Rally Obedience Scores. Kandis has a special bond with her dogs inside and outside of the ring and will continue to cherish the special relationship between canine and human partners.

Buddy—(OTCh Goldenbreez Mount Uriel Buddy DD, AGI-JS, AGN-S, RE); born January 16, 2003

Flirt—(Grandgables A Caribbean Flirt CD RE CGN); born April 2008

Please contact us to discuss your specific questions regarding dog obedience training and to obtain the current course schedules.