Temperatures are rising and soon the warmer weather will be here to stay. Although most of us enjoy the warmer weather it does bring some unwanted parasites that can affect us and our pets. Keep reading to see what products our Pet Health Consultants Margaret & Gail personally use to prevent Fleas, Mosquitoes and Ticks from biting and passing along diseases to their pets!

Your dog can pick up Heartworm Disease from a single bite of an infected mosquito! Heatrworm disease is serious and potentially fatal. Ticks can also pass along diseases to our pets. Different ticks pass along different diseases . Lyme Disease is a serious threat and can be passed along from Deer Ticks (Western Black legged tick). Other diseases that are picked up from ticks include Canine Ehrlichiosis, and Canine Anaplasmosis.

Every year at this time we start testing for some of the diseases that these parasites can pass along to our furry canines. Most families miss a couple of doses here and there or forget entirely to give their pet's heartworm medication from the previous summer. Missing doses and not giving them on time is a reason to test your pet every year. Checking annually also will indicate whether or not your pet has had exposure to any of the 3 serious tick-borne diseases. Another reason that we recommend testing every year is due to the significant increase in dogs being rescued and brought in from warmer, southern climates. Tick borne diseases and heartworm are more common in warmer climates and therefore increase the likelihood of spreading these diseases. And lastly, a great reason to test annually is to take advantage of one of our Health Screening / Wellness packages. These packages not only save you money they provide you peace of mind in regards to your pets internal health. Preventative blood screening can allow us to detect problems before your pet becomes sick.

Make sure your dog's testing and prevention start early so that you can be pest free and take advantage of the savings! Call today to book your dog's appointment!


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