Which Test Is Right For your Pet?

Preventative Blood screening is important because our pets cannot tell us how they are feeling. We rely on how they look or act to tell us if something is wrong. Sometimes there are problems brewing before your pet shows any symptoms and this is a key reason to test.

Preventative blood screening can allow us to detect problems before they become sick. By detecting problems early, steps can be taken sooner to help correct or control the issue. One blood sample is less expensive for you and less stressful for your dog.

Our doctors receive baseline values that can be used for future comparisons and more accurate diagnosis and treatment should your dog become ill. Testing and active prevention are our best defense in keeping our community safe and arresting the spread of disease.

Case Example: Dozer

Dozer – Male neutered 4 month old mixed breed dog. Adopted in Canada, originally from Mexico.  His first visit to us at Burloak Animal Hospital, Dozer appeared to be a healthy, playful puppy, eating and drinking well and the owner had no concerns. Blood work was performed to confirm that he was indeed 100% healthy. This, however, was not the case. Dozer had contracted Ehrlichia and also was anemic from fighting the infection. Ehrlichiosis is found worldwide and is transmitted by the bite of an infected tick. After administering antibiotics, the repeat blood work showed that Dozer was now truly 100% healthy! A perfect example of why blood work is important! We are so happy to report that Dozer is well and extremely active and loves to play, run, sleep and eat!

Please see our packages here. We can help determine which one is right for your pet.

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