Burloak Animal Hospital: Cat Friendly Practice

Relax with your cat in our Cat Only Exam Room

We recognize that bringing your cat to the veterinarian can be stressful for you and your cat. At Burloak Animal Hospital we want both you and your pets to be comfortable. For this reason we set out to achieve a Gold Certification Cat Friendly Practice. We received this distinction in February 2015 by demonstrating that cat's needs are unique and that extra steps are taken when handling the cats we see.

Cat Friendly is part of the Cat Healthy Initiative that is led by Dr. Liz O'Brien and is assisted by five Canadian Feline Specialists and supported by the veterinary industry. Burloak Animal Hospital adheres to this initiative since Cat Healthy means better care and a better experience for you and your feline companion.

Cat Friendly GoldUsing Cat Friendly techniques reduces the stress that can be associated with veterinary visits and helps to improve the quality of care provided. Our entire veterinary team has the knowledge and resources to understand distinct needs and behaviours of cats.

Receiving a Cat Friendly distinction means that Burloak Animal Hospital has met facility standards and standards of care for hospitalized cats. Here are some resources for download:

The benefits of visiting a Cat Friendly Practice® provide lifelong contributions to your cat.