Pet Dental Care: A Customized Approach to a Healthy Smile

Your pet’s customized wellness plan will include a dental care assessment. Your pet’s dental care is very important to his or her overall health. We are happy to discuss and demonstrate methods to protect your pet against dental disease that you can perform at home. Some of these include regular brushing and specialized dental treats.

During the dental evaluation, we will look for the common signs of dental disease including:

Please inform us if you notice any symptoms of dental problems in your pet, such as:

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Veterinary Dental Cleaning Services

If a professional pet dental cleaning is recommended based on the dental assessment, this one-day service can be performed by our Veterinary Technicians.

What to Expect at Your Veterinary Dental Visit

We strive to make your pet’s dental visit as convenient and worry free as possible. This is what you can expect from the visit:

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Contact us to schedule an appointment or discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding the procedure.