Low Stress Handling: What Does it Mean For Your Pet?

Low Stress LogoLow Stress Handling and Restraint was created by Dr. Sophia Yin, world renowned veterinarian and veterinary behaviourist. Dr. Yin spent years learning smarter, kinder, gentler ways to work with her patients making the visit a more rewarding, less stressful and happier visit. When our patients are happy we are happy.

LOW STRESS HANDLING signifies that the members of our veterinary team at Burloak Animal Hospital have spent many hours (20 plus hours each) learning specific methods for reducing stress in animals. We are proud to promote and utilize these new techniques making your pets visit a safer, kinder, happier visit.

We work WITH you and your pet to determine their specific LOW STRESS HANDLING needs. We can talk to you about ways that you can helps at home using your pet's carrier, pheronome sprays, and other products designed to help anxiety.

The Low Stress Handling™ logo signifies that the people you are dealing with have spent a lot of time learning Dr. Yin’s methods for reducing stress in animals. They know how to hold a leash, how to offer treats, how to counter-condition animals to having medical treatments, and the perfect way to do a medical wrap. What does that mean to you? Simple: a more pleasant experience at the vet’s office and a happier pet. It also means that they use methods that can reduce the need for sedation, reducing risk and pet health costs. It means you can trust that person to treat your pet like you’d want them to be treated. With skill, professionalism, and care. Whether you see this on a certificate or a nametag, it says good things about how your pet will be treated and that gives you peace of mind.

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