Laser Surgery: Advanced Technique for Your Pet

The use of a laser during surgery is an advanced technique that is often preferred over traditional surgical methods. Burloak Animal Hospital was one of the first four hospitals in Canada to perform veterinary laser surgery, and served as a training site for other hospitals. We are please to offer this technique as our standard of care. Our highly trained and experienced veterinarians were early adopters of this technology, and you can rest assured that every effort is taken to treat your pet with the utmost concern for his or her comfort and safety.

The laser surgical procedure has applications for dogs, cats, pocket pets, and exotics, including birds, which are particularly sensitive to blood loss. There are many advantages of laser surgery over traditional methods including:

Laser surgery is not used for orthopedic surgeries, but it is preferred for:

Burloak Animal Hospital strives to provide the best possible surgical care for your pet. Our caring veterinarians and technicians treat and monitor your pet throughout the procedure. Additional information about our surgical procedures, use of anesthesia, and what to expect at your surgical visit can be found on our veterinary surgery and anesthesia page.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding the procedure.